Production Expert Application Ensures your equipment to its fullest capacity.​ Better oversight of the production process. ​

The Supperapp IoT Overview Features

The real-time production KPI and OEE can be used immediately. The system will display the efficiency according to the production resources or product date and time.

Understand production efficiency and solve potential quality problems in real time.
Notify problems via email or Line application

Automatic alarm and rapid troubleshooting make production possible.
Flexible system, applicable to all industries. Integrate data in manual or automatic process.

The setting can be adjusted manually to make it easier and more convenient for the operator to work.
Flexible Job Planning and Management Based on Precision Manufacturing

Accurate measurement according to actual production plan and orders
Set user permissions to help administrators manage users of production lines and machines and set alarms.

Simple and flexible role-based database and resource management
Summarize data to create self-reports. You can summarize OEE results, production reports, cost-effectiveness, daily production reports and standard reports.

Accurate production data summary, choose to view reports, whether hourly, daily, monthly or yearly.

Production Expert Features

Real-time OEE Monitoring

Measure the overall performance of the machine, thoroughly understand the cause of the problem and immediately solve the problem.

Alarm Record and Notify

Automatic notification and quick troubleshooting via email or Line application

Operation Mode

Enhance flexibility, integration, customization and automation to prevent upcoming problems.

Production Planning, Job Management

Manage the production plan flexibly and accurately. Measure the results accurately according to the specified production plan.

Role-Base access control (RBAC)

Determine the access rights of different content as appropriate. Ensure security.

Data-Driven with Auto report

Automatic production report summary (hour, day, month or year)

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  • Ensure that the equipment operates at its best performance
  • Good production management
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Reduce waste and improve production quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs and machines