Production Expert Application Ensures your equipment to its fullest capacity.​ Better oversight of the production process. ​

The Supperapp IoT Overview Features

Automatically respond to machine operation status at any time

No need to wait for the report. Get real-time data, machine integrity and performance.
Retrieve historical data at any time and freely save the analysis format.

A complete and accurate operation history lays the foundation for solving problems faster and creating opportunities to improve production efficiency.
Use AI to automatically remind and predict errors

Prevent and predict downtime by providing your maintenance team with customizable role-playing alerts to access analytics. And it can be adjusted without delay.
Helps analyze many aspects of the failure report.

Reduce the number of alerts to manageable levels And it is more useful, so that the operation can focus on the ongoing work to improve efficiency.
Use web applications to analyze and check exceptions anytime and anywhere

It can be accessed from devices connected to the Internet, enabling organizations to analyze and monitor processes anytime and anywhere.

Assets Insight Features

Real-time Asset Health Monitoring

Automatically respond to machine operation status at any time

Tracebility and Historian

Retrieve historical data at any time. Save the analysis format independently.

Autonomous Alert and Notify

Use AI technology to automatically notify and predict potential damage

Alarm and Event Analysis

Analyze and summarize the damage reports of all departments.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Analyze and check exceptions in real time through web applications

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  • Deeply understand the causes of quality problems and machine manufacturing problems.
  • Reduce risks and plan future production perfectly.
  • Reduce costs and production costs, including repair or damage.
  • Artificial intelligence automatic alarm system.
  • Make the machine work fully.